Sociologist / criminologist / qualitative researcher

I have over 15 years experience in academia as a qualitative researcher, trainer in research methods and social scientist. I have a PhD in Sociology, Masters in Social Research, PGCE in Higher Education Learning & Teaching, and MA (Hons.) in Sociology from the University of Aberdeen.

I’m currently Assistant Professor in Criminology at the University of Nottingham and previously held academic posts at the University of Aberdeen, Loughborough University, University of Abertay Dundee, and the University of Leicester. I am a member of the British Sociological Association and the Association of Qualitative Research, and a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. Currently, I am Chair of the Editorial Board of Sociological Research Online and on the Editorial Board of Sociology.

I have conducted research in various areas including policing, police organisational cultures, emotional labour, victims and victimisation, hate crime, youth culture, digital media, online harassment and trolling.

My expertise and work also includes the delivery of the below for a variety of experts and audiences such as: academia, government, charities, research organisations, the voluntary sector, policy makers and police constabularies:

  • Training: delivering qualitative research training and academic skills training to doctoral students, academics, professionals and practitioners. Examples of training courses I regularly deliver include:
    • Storytelling, narrative inquiry and narrative analysis.
    • Qualitative research design.
    • Qualitative Interviewing.
    • Qualitative data analysis (including how to do thematic analysis).
    • Ethnography and observational methods
    • Focus groups
    • Reflexivity and reflective research
  • Consultancy – research projects, reports and evaluations:
    • Advising on or completing research and evaluation projects which involve a qualitative element.
    • Advising on or completing research projects on: policing, online misogyny, online victimisation, online hate, young people, victims, policing and education.
    • Designing research tools for qualitative projects (i.e. interview schedules and observation guides).


I can be contacted via the contact form below or DM’d on Twitter @karenlumsden2

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